Something New

Hey everyone!

Ryan here, manager of Main Street comics. This blog is something new for us. For the last 10 months we’ve relied heavily on Facebook to get information on new releases or events out to you, our friends and customers. However, I’ve always felt that only got us so far. Facebook isn’t the place to go in-depth on new product in the shop, like a brand new trading card game or the newest edition for your favorite tabletop game. That’s what we plan to do here. Here we’ll try to lay what you need to know about new comic book series, tabletop games, card games, etc., so that instead of telling you a cool new thing exist in the world, we can tell you exactly why we think it’s a cool new thing. This also gives us a platform to discuss comics and games with all of you outside of the shop, and highlight some customer favorites on top of the new releases.


With that said, here’s what to expect:

Every 1st Monday of the Month: MSC monthly newsletter featuring any new releases